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Stapler structure, stapler structure, basic working principle

First, the working principle of stapler
The working principle of ordinary stapler is in hand and press the stapler end cover, roof, needle and fixture can rotate around the connecting pin, with hand power continuously applied, will turn out to in its natural state, the roof will do around the connecting pin is slightly bigger than a needle high approximation of up and down movement the end cover, spring compression, compression spring, will drive the downward movement of the needle in the needle, after moving a certain distance will be exposed to binding objects and through the object under the action of manpower, the needle will encounter in the mold, through the object after the needle bending, so as to realize the binding between the needle and the penetration.
At the completion of the bound, people on the cover of the needle withdrawal force, the shrapnel will rebound, needles, clamps, and top cover will rise under the effect of the elastic force, the spring rebound after the end cover and the end cover top again, from the spring to push the top clamp; the expansion of the needle feed again thus, the stapler is restored to the initial state, bound wait again.
Two. Basic functions of stapler
According to the function importance of stapler, the function of stapler is divided into main function, minor function and auxiliary function. It mainly includes the function of loading needle and the function of placing needles. The secondary functions include changing the shape and function of needle binding. The auxiliary functions include anti-skid and anti noise functions. Each function can be divided into some sub functions according to its implementation steps. The needle fitting function can be divided into open cover function open end cover function, function, function and fixed needle needle covering function; staple function can also be subdivided into book function, semi automatic needle function, binding function, automatic function, automatic rebound function in ham and ham book change needle binding function; the shape function can be divided into top needle needle replacement function, die die shape function, return function and positioning needle fixed needle mold mold function; anti slip and anti noise function; trademark display function.

What types of binding machines are available and the types and features of the stapler?

Stapler type
The uniform stitching needle is (width * height): pointed foot, 11.5*6, mm, which is our most common stapler. Other:
The trumpets are: 8.4*5, mm
Long legs are: 11.5*10, mm
You can measure the size of your stapler and buy the right needle.
Examples of models are as follows:
10# (No10): 8.4*5 mm
B-8: 11.5*7 mm
24/6:11.5*6 mm
23/6: 11.5*6 mm
23/10: 11.5*10 mm
23/15: 11.5*15 mm
Bookbinding machine type
1 、 hot melt binding machine
Simple operation, fast speed, low material cost, beautiful style, belonging to the non removable, suitable for small and medium sized office documents in a small printing center, binding, and accounting firms, auditing firms and other units. The use of hot melt binding bookbinding, file must be tidied up can enclose, otherwise bound files will be uneven; the envelope after heating by hand, a little finishing fixed hot glue, this text neatly bound just after heating should not immediately visible; flip text, easy to create pages, to strip the cooling can turn back.
2 、 comb type rubber ring bookbinding machine
It is the lowest cost one used in all bookbinding machines. It is simple, easy to disassemble and can be used repeatedly. It is suitable for binding small office or general conference documents, and small printing press. A binding machine has two binding methods, and this is one of its major features.
3 、 comb type bookbinding machine
It is a loose leaf pages, additions and deletions to the text can be achieved conveniently, 360 degree flip, ring diameter, the thickness of the text binding decision, this binding mode as the rubber ring size, color and the color of the cover a larger choice, so that the collocation effect of different binding good product appearance and unique style.
4, wire binding machine
Generally divided into 2:1 (21 holes) and 3:1 (34 holes) two kinds. The 3:1 wire binding machine for binding effect is more delicate, thin text binding, applicable to the Design Institute, General Planning Bureau or small and medium-sized printing center; and the 2:1 type is suitable for binding thick documents.
5. Make a binding machine
A binding machine is also called a ten hole folder strip binding machine. It is easy to operate, tidy and tidy. It is suitable for all kinds of occasions. One of the common binding methods of graphic stores.
6 、 financial binding machine

Causes and solutions of common faults in wireless adhesive machine for wireless adhesive machine

The wireless glue set is divided into desktop and floor mounted wireless adhesive machines, and can also be divided into manual, automatic and fully automatic wireless glue mounting machines.
Troubleshooting of wireless glue set
First, the book core milling bad behind
1, the book core is not neat, or uneven placement, should ensure that each paper in the end.
2, the book back milling milling back too little, should reduce the book supporting plate, the milling depth of 1.5-2.5mm (small cutter).
3, milling cutter cover plate position is not appropriate, open when not parallel, open insufficient or too big, should reinstall the milling cutter cover plate, or replace wear serious cover plate casters.
4, the milling cutter is damaged or not sharp, should replace the new milling cutter.
5, small knife, too high or too low, the angle is not correct, small knife blunt, adjust the angle of the small knife correctly, change the small milling cutter.
Two, the back glue is not uniform
1. The gap between the scraping film and the top roller is not uniform, so that it can be adjusted evenly.
2, scraping plate position is too high or too low, should be adjusted to correct its height.
3. The top roller appears to be beating, the one-way bearing is worn out and the bearings are replaced.
4, the top roller does not move, it may be one-way bearings damaged, replace bearings.
5. The glue in the glue pan is not fully melted or the temperature of the cooker is not set properly.
Three, the side glue is bad
1, too much or too little side glue, adjust the gap between top roller and scraping film is 0.5-0.8mm.
2, too much or too little side glue, adjust the height of scraping rubber plate.
3, check whether the top roller does not turn or turn inflexible.
Four, the upper seal is not good
1, cover indentation dislocation, should ensure that the correct indentation.
2, the cover is askew, should ensure that the cover is placed properly, both sides of the positioning pin and positioning magnet side should be close to the cover.
3, the cover itself is uneven or uneven cutting.

What is the principle of a needle free stapler? The functions and features of a needle free stapler

The traditional stapler must have staples when it is used, and the staple can be reached by pressing the staples. The stapler can also be used as a stapler, but it no longer needs the help of staples. It is more convenient and quick to use. In addition, unlike the traditional stapler, the needle free stapler has different shapes, colors, fashion and dexterity, and can meet the needs of the modern people. Next, let’s get to know the needle free stapler.
What is the principle of needle free stapler?
No needle at the bottom of the stapler usually has a slit, when in use, the paper is put into the slot, gently press, can put these papers together with the. How is this process achieved?
The working principle of needle free stapler is the use of high pressure on the paper sheet is compressed, compressed after the formation of a small hole, the hole will put the paper fixed together, bound in the paper, the hole can be said to be invisible staples.
Introduction to the function of needle free stapler
The needle free stapler is suitable for binding plain paper and invoices, and a small amount of document binding is also suitable. The stapler has the advantages of time saving, labor saving, safety and environmental protection. When Binding bills and documents, the paper can be avoided because the binding errors need to be pried off the staples and cause damage to the paper. Therefore, needle free stapler is widely used in business meetings.
In addition, production of raw materials without needle stapler are lightweight and environmentally friendly materials, therefore, no needle stapler in the process of using energy saving, fast and convenient, in the workplace have gradually replaced the traditional stapler into small assistant office staff.

What kinds of document binding machine are divided into?

Document binding machine is a kind of office equipment, which is invented and used for keeping the financial documents of enterprises and institutions. The utility model adopts a high pressure nylon tube to heat the binding and binding methods to encapsulate the voucher in advance, and has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, long storage time and easy proof of the voucher after being encapsulated. Compared to the old manual stitching, binding vouchers are more quick and convenient.
Financial voucher binding machines are now available on the market:
Manual binding machine: three steps, manual drilling, manual tube, manual riveting;
Semi-automatic binding machine: three steps, automatic drilling, manual tube, manual riveting;
Automatic binding machine: three steps, automatic drilling, manual perforation, automatic press riveting;
Automatic bookbinding machine: one button start, automatic completion.
How to use the voucher binding machine?
1. after the power supply, insert the binding tube
2. place the binding document at the punch and press the punch key
3. after the hole is finished, the binding opportunity is automatically intercepted by the binding tube of the corresponding length and placed at the receiving hopper
4. take out the binder tube from the material hopper and insert the document that has hit the hole
5. place it at the binding and press down the handle. Stay for 3-4 seconds
6., after binding, do not immediately touch the binding rivets with hand, so the temperature is very high, so as not to scald hands

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